A Life Moment Is About To Happen

A celebration of this importance should not taken lightly.   Years and years of hard work and a lot of behind the scenes preparation by the family are what have brought us to this day.  We bring one word into the whole mix: FUN!  

From the formalities of the Grand Introductions, to the Motzi, the Candlelighting, and the Hora ... we’ll coordinate every note to every detail.  It’s non-stop action and dancing for young and old, keeping in mind that everyone has to enjoy the food, too.

DTM Productions works with some of the best in the industry to bring together dancers, live percussionists, magicians, and all sorts of entertainment to make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah truly yours!  We can also provide impact with extras ranging from Stages, Lighting, Funstuff Giveaways, all the way to Plasma and DVD Screen Package!

The foundation for the event comes from our first get-together and the Mitzvah Info Sheet.  Everything we need is provided here, from the order of introductions to Candlelighting songs.   We combine this with our “loose and always changing” party format to give your family and friends a memory that will last a lifetime!