Beginnings & Baby Memories

Whether it be a Communion, Christening, or 1st Birthday the whole family is coming to celebrate and take part in your child’s baby memories.  Nobody wants to miss taking pictures over the cake, or the action on the dance floor, or even that group shot of the whole family.  Events like these bring families together to share in a special time, and DTM Productions is there to make that happen.

We understand all the little kids want to play and dance, while the adults want to enjoy the company of relatives and friends they haven’t seen in a while.  This is where we come in. Our DTM MCs and DJs, along with a little help from our Games Package, FunStuff Giveaways, and Lighting, will play music geared towards the kids mixed in with some games and follow-along songs.  Of course, this doesn’t get the adults off the hook!  We’ll get you involved with some of the activities and take care of your music requests as well.  

It’s our balance of food, fun, conversation, and laughter!!  Oh and lots of photos opportunities you’ll never forget.