Loosen The Tie And Kick Off The Heels

You spend at least 8 hours a day together, and you finally get the opportunity to socialize!

Whether you have a casual group that gets together outside of work regularly or a large company where people hardly know each other-- it all comes down to this.  Whether it’s the Summer Family Picnic or the Winter Holiday Party, we’ve got the music and the fun to bring everyone together.  We’ll work with your organizer to make sure we’re well-prepared for the toasts, the plaques, the speeches, and the dancing!  

Don’t forget the extras that really make impact!  Add Lighting to warm up the room.  Or our one-a-kind Plasma/DVD Screen Package with live snapshots showing the fun while it happens.  Maybe even show a fun Video Rewind for the Employee Of The Year! Throw in some Funstuff Giveaways for a great icebreaker, and you’ve got the makings to a great event!